Mechanical fabrication methods are modern and effective

Today with the boom of science and technology. The mechanical engineering industry has been more and more developed, especially modern mechanical manufacturing lines that have brought about many effects. Many ways of mechanical fabrication have been introduced to make the products better and quality. For mechanical products, the manufacturing and processing stages play a very important role. To know more about modern and efficient mechanical fabrication methods. Join us to find out shortly.

Presently to produce a product (machine parts, equipment, molds or other types of products). People have many stages and many machines to provide very effective support. The current mechanical fabrication and fabrication techniques include 6 basic methods:

Machining method without workpiece

The products of this method are often called expositions/Ph.keyence

Mainly includes methods such as casting, forging, hot stamping, cold stamping, rolling, pressing… The products of this method are often called expositions, their characteristics are only preliminary shaped, raw and  the smoothness is not high.

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Machining method of cutting (also known as machining with workpiece)

Including methods such as turning, milling, planing, boring, drilling… The product of this machining technique has reached the required shape and size of the part. Has quite high smoothness and accuracy. This is a very important technological process in the machine building industry.

This is a very important technological process in the machine building industry/cokhihaiphong

Mechanical method

These include methods such as abrasive machining and grain flow machining. Machining by water jet, waterjet machining, ultrasonic processing… the mechanical method is often applied to materials that are difficult to work with traditional techniques because of its hardness and dủability, high brittleness. For example types of ceramic, glass, composite materials or organic materials…

Electrochemical method

Including methods such as electrochemical machining, electrochemical grinding, and electrochemical pulse grinding. Drilling with electrolyte flow, capillary drilling, processing of tube electrolysis. Non-traditional machining methods according to the electrical principle are limited to machining conductive materials. Materials that are difficult to machined by conventional methods in large proportion apply this method. However, there are a large number of applications to choose from. Because of the power of the electrical methods less tool wear occurs when machining complex parts in one pass.

Methods of chemistry

Including methods such as photochemical machining, chemical milling… Widely used due to the low initial tooling cost. Machining is widely used for the cheap production of large series products such as leaf springs, electric motor foil and radio tube masks. Since the material is removed by chemical reaction, there is no force acting on the part. This allows parts to be machined without distortion or damage.

This allows parts to be machined without distortion or damage/Ph.pinterest

Thermal power method

Including methods such as electrical impulse machining, wire cutting, electric pulse grinding, electronic current machining, laser machining, and plasma optical machining. The thermal methods are generally unaffected by the physical properties of the machined material and are therefore commonly used for machining particularly hard or soft materials. Since the material taking mechanism is a thermal one, the part used has important applications that need further machining to remove the heat affected part.

To obtain the finest mechanical products with high quality, modern and efficient methods are indispensable. Above are some of the methods that we share with you. Hope it helps.

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