In Poland, the trader business community is respected by the local people and has soft policies.  Unlike immigrants from other countries. This shows that genuine traders are respected in the host  country. For many years, the main field of Polish trader businesses has been hurtownia obuwia  dziecięcego at buty wolka and women’s clothing, fashion accessories …  

Immigrants doing business are well respected in Poland  

It can be admitted that wolka, thanks to small businesses has worked  very hard to assert their position, desire to build a civilized community, a healthy culture and  business here. By the time, this has been recognized by the authorities of the host country,  creating more favorable conditions, viewing small businesses as “hard-working bees”. Therefore,  they support in all aspects for small traders doing business here. 

The most selected field is hurtownia obuwia dziecięcego. This is not a new business item, but it  has many advantages: very little capital, stable products, stable customers, very high demand,  and almost no inventory in diverse designs. Therefore, children’s footwear wholesalers are many  but scattered in many different places around the capital Warsaw, Poland.  

30% of people choose to wholesale children’s shoes  

Especially because of the experience and familiarity with the locality and the market, many  people, before coming to Poland, contact the small business community for support in the field  of business, wholesale products, choose the location to open, goods, policies, taxes, documents,…  which required by host countries. Of course, always support 200% of ability.  

Currently, in the commercial center Wólka Kosowska. Buty wolka has up to 30% of small  traders choosing children’s goods to trade, the most popular is wholesale children’s shoes.  Selected items are large, high-end and popular manufacturers originating from Italy, Spain, and  Portugal,… The goods are consecutively return 1 to 2 times per month through travel companies.  

Buty wolka is the main place of business for some of the major dealers in Poland. Here, people  are not only supported with the source of goods, consulting on setting up stores, fashion shops, 

but also are introduced to business locations, valid documents and policies as required by the  host country.