What to prepare when selling business clothes on Facebook?

Facebook is a powerful and potential sales channel for any business. Are you a person who is intending to sell business clothes on Facebook and do not know what to prepare to sell smoothly? So, please immediately refer to our useful sharing below.

Identify the target customers you need to target

You need to identify the target customer you need to target

For the office wear industry, there will be clothing items for men and women. So you need to determine what your target audience is and in what age range? With that, you can import the best new goods. At the same time, will determine the amount of capital you spend?

Estimated capital to start a business in office clothes

Having a business requires capital. For online business in general or business on facebook in particular, the capital will depend on the quantity of goods you import. However, you need to have an estimated budget to be able to rotate in certain cases.
In addition, it is important to consider the cost of packaging, bags and shipping costs. Indispensable is the advertising cost if you choose the management form of Facebook. Although it takes a small amount of money, the number of customers you receive is very large. For the online business of office wear, the capital is also quite large. Because, office clothes are quality items and are usually complete sets.

Looking for quality goods

Need to find a source of the best quality

Selecting the source of goods is also one of the very important issues when doing business online. For office wear, you should pay attention to choosing a source of quality goods at an appropriate price. Currently, the market today has many different sources of products. However, not all addresses are reputable and worth choosing. Therefore, you need to spend time researching and researching carefully to get yourself a source of the best quality products at a favorable price. That way, you can attract more customers.
With the above shared information, we hope to bring you the most necessary and useful knowledge when you want to do business in office wear on facebook. Your business will be favorable if you prepare yourself with a detailed and clear plan.

List of the best soccer players in the world

Football is known as the most attractive sport in the world with hundreds of millions of fans around the planet. They are ready to directly cheer for the players competing in the stadium or stay up all night to watch the tournament coverage on television. If you are an avid fan of king sport, you will surely regularly follow the most famous and best players. So who is the best player in the world football village today?

Belgian football genius – Kevin de Bruyne

Belgian Genius – Kevin de Bruyne

The player Kevin de Bruyne was once an outcast at Chelsea club under coach Mourinho. However, along with relentless efforts and great talent, Kevin de Bruyne made the rich Man City spend 75 million euros to buy his signature.
He increasingly shows his importance in the game of Man City club. Not only that, he is also known as the soul in every football match. He is also known as one of the best footballers of the season with beautiful goals and amazing assists. For the Man City club, as long as Kevin de Bruyne gets into the game, coach and coach Pep Guardiola can completely reign the European throne that they have always coveted.

Football player Lionel Messi

Football player Lionel Messi

Certainly in the list of the best football players in the world, there is no shortage of Argentine genius – Lionel Messi. With magic feet, Lionel Messi has won all the highest honors from individual to collective with Barcelona club.
In Lionel Messia’s huge collection of titles, the most prominent is the record of 6 times won the FIFA Golden Ball. Currently, he is still at the peak of his career and is the terror of all defences. One thing is clear that, in the present moment, Lionel Messi is the best football player in the world.
Above is a list of the strongest and best football players in the world that we would like to introduce to you. If you are a football enthusiast and want to learn more information about this sport, leave a comment below the article if you have any questions.

The place to wholesale quality clothes, beautiful designs

Our forefathers often said “non-commercial, not rich”, that’s why so many people today have business needs with the purpose of getting rich quickly. One of the most popular business fields today is fashion. With a large customer market and higher interest rates, this is an opportunity many people are looking for. However, for a favorable business, how to choose the most important place to wholesale clothes? So, what is the address you are looking for.

The demand for fashion clothes has increased rapidly

Today’s fashion needs

When people’s lives need to “eat well and dress well”, people often turn to beautiful and trendy quality clothes. Especially, for women, their dress is even more focused. Therefore, on the market, many fashion brands have been launched with many designs.
Not only that, affordable fashion items are also growing to serve everyone’s needs. Grasping this need, there are many shops and individuals that choose to trade in clothing. Even now, the form of livestreaming clothing sales is developing strongly. There are units that have sold thousands of clothes in just one livestream.
Thus, it can be seen that this is a fertile market for those who want to get rich quickly. However, the factor that contributes to the success of that business is the source of quality clothing at a favorable price. Confused about which facility to choose? So please refer to the next section to be able to find the most suitable address.

A place to wholesale quality clothes, beautiful designs, cheap prices

The best place to wholesale clothes

For those who are passionate about fashion business, they all want to find a place to wholesale the best quality clothes at a cheap price. So, where is the delivery party? You can choose from a number of forms of wholesale clothing below.

Import goods from China

Currently, Chinese fashion items are very popular and trending in Vietnam. So you can choose to sell fashion items from China. However, when choosing to import goods from China, you should know a little Chinese.
You can go to China to import goods or you can buy online on Chinese commercial websites or you can ask the unit to buy for you. With the form of importing clothes from China, it is suitable for all businesses from small to large scale.

Buy wholesale at the wholesale market

People who import large quantities of clothes from China or at factories in Vietnam often pour their goods directly to wholesale markets for distribution. Therefore, if you buy a certain quantity in bulk, you can choose to buy goods at wholesale markets. With this method, you need to be knowledgeable about fashion clothing items to avoid being hacked.

Get goods from reputable clothing wholesalers

Get goods from reputable wholesalers

The next way is that you can get clothes at reputable clothing wholesalers. These units always distribute quality clothing designs that are not similar to “market goods”. Not only that, but at this facility, you can easily communicate directly with them about how to order, product design and price.
Above all, when ordering at reputable addresses, you will get a wholesale and retail price suitable for each different consumer segment. At the same time, the transportation of goods is also much simpler than other forms of purchase.
Thus, there are many places to wholesale quality clothes, beautiful designs and preferential prices as mentioned above. However, if you still have not found a method or a wholesale clothing address, please contact us immediately for advice and support in the best way.

Things you never knew about Poland

Poland has long been known as the jewel of the world, the convergence of the oldest culture and history. Because of that, Poland has become a famous tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists every year. So what is so attractive about this country located in Central Europe? Join us to discover more little-known information about the beautiful country of Poland in the article below.

Main cities of Poland

Poland is a beautiful country in Central Europe

Currently, according to official statistics Poland has 887 towns, of which, the largest town is Warsaw with a population of 1.7 million. Meanwhile, the smallest town has only 884 residents. In addition, historic towns, megacities or classic villages are the most attractive points of Poland. It is also the inspiration for world famous poems and songs.

Poland weather and climate

Poland is known as a country with a rather cold climate. Although Poland’s climate belongs to the temperate climate category. More specifically, winter in Poland begins in December and ends in March with temperatures ranging from -1°C (30°F) to -5°C (23°F). Summer lasts from June to August, with relatively hot temperatures ranging from 16.5°C62°F) to 19°C (65°F). Although in some places the temperature can reach 35°C (95°F).

Polish transport system

Poland is considered to have a very developed transportation system. The town of Warsaw also has a modern bus and metro system, making it easier to get around. In addition, with small towns, local bus service is also very popular and widely available.

A corner of the town of Warsaw

Culture of Poland

Poland has long been considered a country with the oldest historical culture. Even though Polish culture continues to develop a mix of tradition and modernity. But surely, the historical roots have become the roots, ingrained in the culture of every Polish person.

Polish food culture

Polish culinary culture is strongly influenced by the Christian ritual of fasting introduced in the 10th century. Therefore, many dishes without meat, fish, etc. become an integral part of the style. Polish cooking style.
Here are some things you probably didn’t know about Poland. Hopefully, the above useful information can help you better understand and love this beautiful country.

Traveling and things to keep in mind

In order to have an interesting and unforgettable travel journey in life, in addition to the sufficient economic preparation for traveling, you should note the following issues. These will make your travel even more convenient than ever.

Should travel on tour or self-sufficient

Which country should I travel to?

These are two popular forms of travel that many people choose today. So, before your trip you should also consider for yourself whether to go on your own or go on a tour. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages.

With self-sufficient travel

This is a form that young people choose a lot because with this form will help visitors freely choose when and where to go. In particular, the ride by motorbike is even more comfortable. At the same time, when you are self-sufficient you can also save a few costs.
On the contrary, when traveling in this form, you also encounter some risks such as you may get lost if you have not studied thoroughly. Need to plan a detailed travel plan to not miss the destination.

With touring

This is a form you don’t need to plan when traveling. Always be cared for and instructed by a tour guide. However, with this method, people will spend more money for travel. At the same time, when traveling by this method, it is not possible to travel freely as if traveling by yourself.

Do not wear precious jewelry

Do not bring precious jewelry

The next thing to note is that you should not bring precious jewelry. Because, when going to remote places, theft easily occurs. If you are not careful, it will definitely be stolen and it’s best not to bring it with you. At the same time, wearing costumes should not be too expensive to attract the attention of thieves.

See weather forecast for the dates you plan to travel

For the safest and funniest trip, you definitely have to see the weather forecast on your travel days. Make sure the weather is favorable for you to have the most fun trip. In addition, you should avoid traveling in times of heavy rain and wind that will affect your trip.
Above are notes for you to have the most fun, safe and helpful travel. In addition, depending on the location in the region you go to, you will behave civilized according to the customs of that place.

What should be noticed in wholesale women’s clothing?

Women’s clothing wholesale becomes the first choice of many merchants. However, not everyone starting this business is successful. With this in mind, we will share with you the notes to keep in mind in the sourcing and trading process. Please refer to and apply in order to do business successfully.

Pay attention to source wholesale women’s clothing

Pay attention to the source when selling women’s clothing

Hurtownia odzieży damskiej needs to pay first attention to sourcing women’s clothing for sale. Because, now you can choose to get clothes from a variety of sources such as wholesale markets, wholesale shops and tailor shops …
Hurtownia odzieży nowej you need to pay attention to choose quality sources. You need to update trends from time to time to find the right sources. Do not choose to wholesale outdated goods that will not meet the needs of consumers.

Determine business locations

The trend of commercialization and modernization opens up to create a multitude of different business locations. You can choose from direct business, internet or a combination of the two. In particular, e-commerce pages appear more and more, you can choose to register as a seller on these pages to reach more potential customers.
If you open a direct store, you should choose to open in places with many customers passing by and open in the center. Only when you choose a good location does your women’s clothing wholesale job quickly become successful.

Determine the capital you need to spend on wholesale

Need to prepare capital in business

Do not forget to pay attention to the capital and finance you need to spend on your business. If your finance is large, you can choose to do business in many different ways. Conversely, if you have limited capital, you should focus on advertising and goods. You should only do business within the available capital, do not expand your financial resources too making it very difficult to get your capital back.

Pay attention to branding

In the process of selling women’s clothing, you need to pay attention to branding. Because, usually, reputable brands will be found and appreciated by many customers. So, focus on building your fashion brand so that customers can easily remember and come to your store when they need to buy women’s clothes.
Above are women’s clothing wholesale experiences to keep in mind. Put it into practice to make your business quickly successful.

Revealing experiences of online sales from successful

Selling online is currently the inevitable and most successful trend for the competitive business market today. If you are also planning to do business online in the future, please refer to the article below. We will reveal online selling experiences from successful people selling online for you to know.

Experience in choosing business products

The first online selling experience that we want to introduce to you is how to choose products for business. Specifically:

  • Choosing according to preferences will help you have 100% passion, time and energy for it.
  • Choosing the right trend and leading the market is a breakthrough business way to help you quickly make profits.
  • Products with good quality, less competition in the market.
  • Choose products with a high re-purchase rate to create quick and easy capital.

Choosing the right trends and leading the market is a disruptive business that will help you make profits quickly.

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Choose suitable online sales channels

In order for your products to reach a large number of customers, you need to choose the right sales channel. Currently, some effective and popular online sales channels that you can refer to such as: Shopee, Zalo, Facebook, webtretho,… In which, selling on Facebook and Shopee are two channels you should spend time with and invest to develop sales.

Use online advertising

To reach the right potential audience, every online business needs to use online advertising. Every day, you only need to spend tens of thousands of Vietnam dong to deploy online advertising campaigns.

Often the results from these ad campaigns will help you get unexpected results. Through the campaign, you also easily adjust the product / service to make selling online better.

Spend more time and money investing in images

The general psychology of customers today is to like brands with a careful
investment in image. Therefore, if you decide to sell online, you should take the time to take care of and take pictures of your products artfully.

Besides, please insert logo, name, phone number straight onto the product
image. If possible, you should combine the product with the model to create the most vivid and authentic.

The general psychology of customers today is to like brands with a careful investment in image

We have revealed some experiences of online sales from successful people for your reference. If you have any questions about online sales, please contact us immediately for more specific advice!

See more of some successful online sales products: https://wolkaonline.pl/produkty/obuwie/obuwie-damskie.aspx, https://wolkaonline.pl/produkty/obuwie.aspx, https://wolkaonline.pl/produkty/obuwie/obuwie-dzieciece.aspx.

Mechanical fabrication methods are modern and effective

Today with the boom of science and technology. The mechanical engineering industry has been more and more developed, especially modern mechanical manufacturing lines that have brought about many effects. Many ways of mechanical fabrication have been introduced to make the products better and quality. For mechanical products, the manufacturing and processing stages play a very important role. To know more about modern and efficient mechanical fabrication methods. Join us to find out shortly.

Presently to produce a product (machine parts, equipment, molds or other types of products). People have many stages and many machines to provide very effective support. The current mechanical fabrication and fabrication techniques include 6 basic methods:

Machining method without workpiece

The products of this method are often called expositions/Ph.keyence

Mainly includes methods such as casting, forging, hot stamping, cold stamping, rolling, pressing… The products of this method are often called expositions, their characteristics are only preliminary shaped, raw and  the smoothness is not high.

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Machining method of cutting (also known as machining with workpiece)

Including methods such as turning, milling, planing, boring, drilling… The product of this machining technique has reached the required shape and size of the part. Has quite high smoothness and accuracy. This is a very important technological process in the machine building industry.

This is a very important technological process in the machine building industry/cokhihaiphong

Mechanical method

These include methods such as abrasive machining and grain flow machining. Machining by water jet, waterjet machining, ultrasonic processing… the mechanical method is often applied to materials that are difficult to work with traditional techniques because of its hardness and dủability, high brittleness. For example types of ceramic, glass, composite materials or organic materials…

Electrochemical method

Including methods such as electrochemical machining, electrochemical grinding, and electrochemical pulse grinding. Drilling with electrolyte flow, capillary drilling, processing of tube electrolysis. Non-traditional machining methods according to the electrical principle are limited to machining conductive materials. Materials that are difficult to machined by conventional methods in large proportion apply this method. However, there are a large number of applications to choose from. Because of the power of the electrical methods less tool wear occurs when machining complex parts in one pass.

Methods of chemistry

Including methods such as photochemical machining, chemical milling… Widely used due to the low initial tooling cost. Machining is widely used for the cheap production of large series products such as leaf springs, electric motor foil and radio tube masks. Since the material is removed by chemical reaction, there is no force acting on the part. This allows parts to be machined without distortion or damage.

This allows parts to be machined without distortion or damage/Ph.pinterest

Thermal power method

Including methods such as electrical impulse machining, wire cutting, electric pulse grinding, electronic current machining, laser machining, and plasma optical machining. The thermal methods are generally unaffected by the physical properties of the machined material and are therefore commonly used for machining particularly hard or soft materials. Since the material taking mechanism is a thermal one, the part used has important applications that need further machining to remove the heat affected part.

To obtain the finest mechanical products with high quality, modern and efficient methods are indispensable. Above are some of the methods that we share with you. Hope it helps.

See more article : /


In Poland, the trader business community is respected by the local people and has soft policies.  Unlike immigrants from other countries. This shows that genuine traders are respected in the host  country. For many years, the main field of Polish trader businesses has been hurtownia obuwia  dziecięcego at buty wolka and women’s clothing, fashion accessories …  

Immigrants doing business are well respected in Poland  

It can be admitted that wolka, thanks to small businesses has worked  very hard to assert their position, desire to build a civilized community, a healthy culture and  business here. By the time, this has been recognized by the authorities of the host country,  creating more favorable conditions, viewing small businesses as “hard-working bees”. Therefore,  they support in all aspects for small traders doing business here. 

The most selected field is hurtownia obuwia dziecięcego. This is not a new business item, but it  has many advantages: very little capital, stable products, stable customers, very high demand,  and almost no inventory in diverse designs. Therefore, children’s footwear wholesalers are many  but scattered in many different places around the capital Warsaw, Poland.  

30% of people choose to wholesale children’s shoes  

Especially because of the experience and familiarity with the locality and the market, many  people, before coming to Poland, contact the small business community for support in the field  of business, wholesale products, choose the location to open, goods, policies, taxes, documents,…  which required by host countries. Of course, always support 200% of ability.  

Currently, in the commercial center Wólka Kosowska. Buty wolka has up to 30% of small  traders choosing children’s goods to trade, the most popular is wholesale children’s shoes.  Selected items are large, high-end and popular manufacturers originating from Italy, Spain, and  Portugal,… The goods are consecutively return 1 to 2 times per month through travel companies.  

Buty wolka is the main place of business for some of the major dealers in Poland. Here, people  are not only supported with the source of goods, consulting on setting up stores, fashion shops, 

but also are introduced to business locations, valid documents and policies as required by the  host country.